Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Europe admits that with the UK leaving there will be a huge shortfall in cash to throw away.

(Strasbourg) For years the Uk has tried to get the EU to sort out its finances, but it didnt and due to its wasteful nature the British voted to leave. During the run up to that referendum, every EU leader smugly stated that the UK couldn't afford to leave, after the referendum every EU leader smugly stated that the UK couldn't afford to leave. Well leave the UK is , and yesterday Günther Oettinger the EU budget commissioner stated that the EU is facing a huge shortfall in cash

So must either spend less or find new money to fill the gap, equivalent to an estimated 16% of the entire budget that the UK will no longer stump up. As Nigel Farage famously said:
"You're not laughing now"

As I mentioned before I have always been pro-Europe. But it really does need to change. Hopefully with the Uk leaving that will now happen. Shame they couldn't bother their arse to do so when the British asked them time and time and time again.

Darwin award: Woman shoots dead her boyfriend making a YouTube video

(US) Since the advent of mobile phones, people have populated YouTube and its likes with homemade videos. There’s family pets, shows and of course incidents. However, one very popular category is stunts, or more correctly stupid stunts.

Well, today a young couple in Minnesota decided to carry out such a stunt where she would shoot a bullet into a hardcover encyclopaedia held by her boyfriend against his chest. The problem was, the gun they used was 50-calibre Desert Eagle (only one of the most powerful semi-automatic handguns in the world), and for some very strange reason, the .50 round not only went straight through the book, it went through the idiot holding it. She has now been arrested on manslaughter charges. Naturally, the victim is a recipient of the Darwin award.

How the hell can anybody be so bloody stupid?

US: Black professor, sacked for being openly racist on TV, now claims she's a victim

(New Jersey) At the start of the month, Fox News brought on professor Lisa Durden, a Black Lives Matter advocate, in which to explain a blacks only Black Lives Matter memorial day celebration. Speaking to host Tucker Carlson on June 6, professor Lisa Durden came out firing after he suggested the Black Lives Matter movement was causing greater division between races in the US. Her reply resulted in so many complaints she was suspended, then sacked:

"What I say to that is 'boo hoo hoo'. White people are angry because you couldn't use your white privilege card to get invited to the Black Lives Matter memorial day celebration - wow! "White folks crack me up when all of a sudden we want to have one day for black folks to focus on ourselves. You've been having 'white day' forever. You don't say the words any more because you know it's politically incorrect - but we have an all white Oscars, movies with all white actors … it took 11 years to get a black Bachelorette.”
As I said, she was sacked for promoting a policy of segregation based on race. However, as is the case with intolerant bigots, she is now playing the victim card by claiming that her firing was unjust and baseless. She claims:
“There was no due process, there were no facts. I was publicly lynched.”
She has now hired a lawyer in which to try and get her job back.

Germany: Man thrown off train for non-payment, liberals scream... 'racist'

(Munchen) When I lived in Germany, if I caught the tram, I had to purchase a ticket. These you bought in blocks of 10, and when you commenced your travel, you validated your journey by stamping your ticket on board the tram. Simple. If you got caught out, you would be fined.

So today in Munich, ticket inspectors came across a man who hadn't purchased a ticket. He wouldn't provide ID and couldn't pay the fine, yet when asked to leave, he refused. He was thrown off. Natalia Miletic, a journalist also on the train, offended by how somebody travelling without a ticket was thrown off, played the race card because the offender was a black 48-year-old Nigerian.

Well, as this is politically correct Germany, Deutsche Bahn have said they will look into the incident. I can only only guess that in future all those people who wish to use the public transport system will be allowed to do so without paying, simply because nobody wants to be classed as a racist.

Pakistan: 153 people burnt to death in tanker explosion

(Bahawalpur) At least 152 people were burnt to death and over 100 injured after an oil tanker caught fire in Bahawalpur's Ahmedpur East town on Sunday morning.

It appears that after an oil tanker overturned outside the town of Bahawalpur, locals flocked in their hundreds in which to collect oil spilling from the vehicle. Unfortunately for the people in the area, the highly volatile fumes, which would have flooded the area, were ignited.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Iraq: ISIS counterattacks in Mosul stalls Iraqi push

(Mosul) Counterattacks by ISIS on the western edge of Mosul Sunday evening temporally stalled the Iraqi push into the Old City, the last ISIS stronghold in the city. The attacks forced Iraqi forces and the US-led coalition to pull some assets away from the Old City to again clear the Yarmouk and Tanak neighborhoods, which were declared liberated from ISIS in May.

The counterattacks began on Sunday by scores of ISIS fighters dressed as Iraqi Shiite paramilitaries. However, the ISIS fightback was always going to be short-lived as they simply are outgunned and outnumbered in Mosul. By Monday morning, the attack had been blunted and repulsed. Tuesday, the Iraqi army continued its push by taking the Al-Farouk sector of the old city from ISIS.

Sweden: How Islamic intolerance is covered up by liberal Sweden

(Stockholm) The other week, the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven spoke out to rapturous applause about how he would step up the fight against drug gangs and against those who attack police, fire services or ambulance staff in the vulnerable areas of Sweden. It appears that in recent year’s, drug dealing and attacking the emergency services is the done thing, especially in Swedish Islamic ghettos such as Rinkeby (10 years ago (2007), 89.1% of the population had a first- or second-generation immigrant background) and Tensta (as of last month, 94% of the population had a first- or second-generation immigrant background).

Vulnerable areas?

In Sweden, in order to disguise the fact that high crime areas are synonymous with areas with large numbers of immigrants, they hit upon the idea of disguising that fact by renaming them as... vulnerable areas. This way, the left can continue to destroy the very fabric of their society by denying white racists the ability to link crime with high levels of immigration.

I wonder when the Swedes will wake up to the fact that hiding the truth doesn’t work.

Monday, June 26, 2017

US: Gays hoisting the Star of David banned from Chicago pride.

(Chicago)  The windy city held its annual Dyke March celebrations this past weekend. However for a number of Homosexual Jews, they were kicked out of the march when the organisers told them that the Star of David flags left people worried for their safety. When questioned by the media, the organisers came back with the march was not only pro-Palestinian  it was also an anti-Zionist one and that the flags made people feel unsafe.

I wonder when the homosexual organisers are going to visit any Islamic country in the region openly admitting to their homosexuality? That will be never, but for some strange reason they have no problem allowing the flags of those countries which not only oppress those of a homosexual mindset, they throw them off buildings in which to give them flying lessons.

Israel hits back at Syria

(Jerusalem) On Saturday evening, Syrian forces having just finished their Ramadan fast for the last time this year, decided to lob 10 rounds into Israel simply because they can. Unfortunately for these Syrian bullies, the Israelis can play them at their own game, but to a much higher standard.